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We believe strongly that to really transform big companies towards technical mastery, enterprise agility and innovation at scale, clients need an injection of new ideas, perspectives and talent who can help them move to the next level by bringing real world experience and world-class expertise.


We have a passion for technology and engineering, we boast deep technical expertise across numerous technologies both new and old. We believe for clients to truly differentiate themselves and become the best they can be, they need to embrace technology and its ability to be truly disruptive.

The Power of Rebellion

Our Approach


First and foremost we listen to your C-suite, your people and customers to really understand your needs, challenges and long term vision.


We source and assemble the very best team available by using your people and augmenting them with hands-on industry leading expertise.


We break down silos between the C-suite, Business and IT enabling end-to-end delivery of a continuous flow of value to your customers in real-time.

Embrace The Revolution

We are ready to help you and your organisation make sense of the brave new world, to outperform your competition and continually add more value to your customers. 
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Over 20 years of experience with the largest companies on the planet, what I’ve forgotten wasn’t worth remembering.

I've developed a unique perspective on why so many companies are struggling to adapt to the new paradigm. I bring my deep technology expertise, commercial acumen and C-suite experience together to offer a unrivalled proposition.
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Don't just take our word for it...
"Software is eating the World. 
Over the next 10 years, I expect many more industries to be disrupted by software, the battles between incumbents and software-powered insurgents will be epic.”
Marc Andreessen Co-Founder Andreessen Horowitz

Trusted by many of the planet's biggest enterprises

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