Go with the flow!

In the more modern of these businesses CTO's, CIO's and their teams have been leading the charge, internet applications, agile, cloud and DevOps have started to make an impact and have unlocked huge potential for speed and quality value delivery, but something is missing we haven't seen a true paradigm shift in the value that is being created, the question is why not?

I have thought about this long and hard and really tried to draw on my experience working "across borders" in the trinity of The c-suite, technology and the business at the most senior levels advising CEO's, CTO's, COO's and CFO's.

My perspective is there is an imbalance that has emerged and is accelerating, which will create ruptures and dysfunction if not addressed.

But what causes this imbalance?

Quite simply technology and its ever-increasing pace are relentlessly accelerating but the c-suite and business have failed to adapt and cannot keep up, they still think in legacy waterfall, functional silo mode; to simplify they think vertically/ functionally and technology has flipped to horizontal end to end value streams.

We've only solved 33% or perhaps 50% of the problem and if you understand flow you'll realise its not enough, we need to think beyond digital transformation and think more end to end, whilst we in the technology community have taken huge strides there has not been nearly enough progress in the non-tech community, we need to find a new way to communicate our ideas and to do that we need to step beyond just talking about agile and technology and instead start to educate and communicate to leaders and business functions about "flow" and "value" and ultimately "continuous value delivery".

It is my mission to share my journey so far and help you understand why I believe it's so fundamental to the future success of big companies,  and more importantly what you can start doing today to start adding more value to your teams, customers and partners.

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