Size matters so much more than you think!

Micro-targeting is influencing elections all over the world, platform businesses have perfected the art of selling to micro-niches, segments and to micro needs efficiently and at scale, how do they do it?

They see the world differently, they see the world through the prism of small is better, the more we can reduce the size of the work the more we can reduce complexity, risk and time to deliver...the smaller the work the faster it can flow as value to customers.

But why hasn't everyone caught on, why is the pre-dominate corporate enterprise culture still crave 5-10 year strategies, big-bang software implementations with the big vendors, why do they strive for perfection over getting started and why do they perceive "batching" to be a good strategy?

It appears to be driven by companies reaching a certain critical mass and scale that causes fear and paralysis created by complexity, lack of transparency and accountability and inexperienced management, the status quo becomes the safe option, risk-taking and change are not incentivised and the fear of failure drive lack of decision making, poor decision making or outsourcing of the responsibilities to others who claim they can master all the complexity.

This creates an environment where the majority of activity is simply moving work round and round the organisation with very little consideration if it adds any value for customers.

It really is a question of scale, these organisations (systems) are just too big and complex.

So how do we deal with the scale problem?

We need to think small, start to break down the work, the department silos and the teams into much smaller units and create the conditions to deliver the work on a much more regular basis.

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