Swiss Re Life Capital

Rebellion Consulting co-define and execute against Swiss Re Life Capital technology strategy and technology North Star.

Rebellion Consulting were engaged to define the technology principles and overall strategy for the Swiss Re Life Capital business unit, made up of 6 geographically and culturally diverse operating entities with varying technology and operational maturities.

The technology strategy was co-created with CTOO team at the Life Capital business unit level and each of the CTO's from the operating entities, it set out an ambitious roadmap to shift towards agile, devops practices, cloud, automation and a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

The strategy was then used as an execution blueprint in several ways;

  • On a number of internally incubated greenfield digital start-ups who were "born" living and breathing the new philosophy.

  • As a set of technical guard rails and as an exemplar for existing and sub-scale business to guide them as they developed further.

  • As a starting-point for any new initiative or programme of work that was initiated.

In order for the strategy to be successful it also required an injection of new ideas, technical skills and hands-on experience that required the hiring philosophy to be changed fundamentally and emphasise engineering, agility and real-world experience on building, scaling and running internet facing platforms.

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